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The English department are pleased to announce the launch of SPOTLIGHT– an entertaining, informative magazine written by the pupils, for the pupils.

The team have been working tirelessly in their quest to bring you the latest news, gossip and information from across the school, community and indeed the globe! To read the the full magazine please select the link below:

Spotlight January 2016 Newsletter

Congratulations to Drama Students

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mountain Ash Comprehensive School on their wonderful production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Coliseum Theatre. To read the full appraisal document please click this link: School Performance Appraisal


Mountain Ash Comprehensive School is proud to announce that it is one of the very first schools to adopt a new app for schools called Schoop. Currently about 50% of the letters sent home from school actually arrive with parents. The rest are either left at the bottom of bags or simply lost. This new app will ensure that important information gets home on time every time.

Schoop will improve the way we communicate with you and our school community. With your valuable involvement, your children’s education and the whole school will benefit.

Please select the link below to read the full article:

Letter informing parents

December Newsletter

To read the latest MACS Newsletter click this link: December 2015

End of term details

We are finishing at 3:15 on 18th December and all start back on Monday 4th January at normal time.


We have enjoyed another hectic year in the STEM department building on the progress and developments made in the previous four years.

The Department has continued to work with Year 6 pupils from the primary schools such as Caegarw, Abercynon and Miskin and many of those children have chosen to attend MACS. The children from Year 6 came to MACS to use our LEGO suite.

They learnt how to create and run computer programs to make the Alligators that they had built move and talk. These are skills that they will continue to expand when the Year 6 pupils actually start at our School


Another task was to build cars. There was then great fun to be had racing those cars through the corridors. Some of our MACS younger pupils will remember enjoying doing this themselves and will no doubt appreciate the skills they learnt through play. Here are some of the Year 6 youngsters from this last year having a good time.

We, at MACS, are also very pleased to now welcome Year 5 pupils from some schools who are taking part in the “ Love where you Live “ project and they will come to us at the end of June to learn how to build cars and also some will take part in a robotic session.

MACS continues to be an important part of the Japan Project and we stay in touch with our fellow pupils and teachers who live and go to School in Japan. We are very lucky that the knowledgeable and skilled Professor Michael Vallance was this year in charge of the assignments and all projects here and in the East ran concurrently. Here we can see our Year 11 pupils immersed in the tasks

VIDEO Year 11

The Science Department are using the Lego Suite to investigate alternative sources of power, a very important topic for our World today, such as ‘solar’ and ‘wind’ power.

So Science generally, and particularly the skills everyone can learn through using the LEGO suite, is essential for the future. So if STEM remains a strength in our School then our MACS pupils can, if they keep up the effort, expect their skills to blossom into qualifications and good jobs in the future.

Holiday dates for 2016

February half term: Half term is the 15th – 19th

We have an INSET on Friday March 24th and Easter holidays start on Friday 25th March – 8th April.

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